You’re surrounded by nothing but vast sheets of pristine white snow, in every direction you look. You’re skiing through the steep slopes of the Swiss Alps and facing the sounds of the blowing winds. It’s an adrenaline rush, you’ve never experienced before.

All of this and a lot more, all experienced sitting in your room.

That’s Virtual Reality for you.

It leaves your body behind, and takes your senses on an exhilarating 360º journey of vision and sound.

Virtual Reality can cut you off from reality and transport you to different worlds and different dimensions. It makes you the protagonist of the story.

Simply put, with Virtual Reality you don’t watch Harry Potter.

You are Harry Potter.

How to consume VR

There are three ways you can experience Virtual Reality


Dive right into Virtual Reality with a VR Headset


Get a wholesome 360º perspective with your mobile screen.


Use the arrow keys on your laptop and get an immersive 360º experience.