Meraki Studio Teams Up with Hypercollective


Meraki Studios proudly announces their partnership with Hypercollective to create new and innovative entertainment content utilising cutting edge VR and new media technologies.

Hypercollective - Meraki Virtual Reality Studio Partners copy

Veteran ad man K V “Pops” Sridhar, founder of Hypercollective, announced the joint venture with Meraki Studios and 20 other companies. The goal of the collaboration is to produce digital content for a new generation of consumers, one that is aware of the global scene and would not settle for anything but the best. Traditional media has largely fallen victim to the widening gap between new age technology and creative efforts, and the partnership with Hypercollective and Meraki Studios aims to bring together to very best in creative talent with the latest methodologies of storytelling using Virtual Reality.

The joint venture would also be more successful in navigating the challenges of the 21st century media landscape, something with which mainstream media does not have a good track record. By teaming up with talented and specialised teams, our new joint venture has the ability to create good content that keeps in line with what present day consumers demand.

We are excited about the future with Hypercollective and all our new collaborators.