The Surround 360 camera from Facebook is the future of VR | Meraki Studio

MONDAY MAY 22, 2017

Virtual Reality has finally come of age in the 2010s. However, people have already begun to reach the limitations of “traditional” VR as we know it. Therefore, the next generation of VR has arrived to address those criticisms.

Volumetric VR, unlike traditional live-action VR, allows you 6 degrees of freedom in the 3D-360 degree environment. Unlike traditional 360-degree video or spherical video where you can move your head around to “face” the action but not really “move inside the video” separate from the camera, volumetric VR fully captures a 3D-360 degree environment so that you can actually move around “in the video” and see everything from multiple angles. If a traditional 360-degree video is comparable to a panoramic view stretched around your field of vision, volumetric VR is true immersion in an environment. It really is the future of VR.

Facebook Surround 360 Meraki Studio

Volumetric VR has been traditionally very resource intensive. However, Facebook has announced two Surround 360 cameras, designed to be paired with Oculus Rift VR headsets, that use computer vision and high quality optics to record 360-degree video in 6 degrees of freedom. There are two versions: the x6 variant has 6 cameras for a more portable package while the x24 variant has 24 cameras that sacrifices portability for increased video quality. Both cameras capture 8K video which is more than enough for any present day use scenarios.

We, at Meraki Studio, are contributing our bit in pushing the boundaries of VR in order to tell a more compelling and engaging story using VR technology. These cameras from Facebook will greatly improve the VR experience and make possible a much more immersive and engaging VR experience.