Tourism VR – An Immersive Experience!


Virtual Reality (VR) works in magnificent ways depending on how good and profoundly it has been explored by the user. Virtual Reality (VR) gives that very fantasy, the wings of reality; it gives the user the real life experience of getting teleported to that dream destination leaving behind all the hassles and indulging in the travel and culture of that place. Now you must be wondering how is that possible? Let us guide you further on this spectacular journey of Virtual Reality (VR).


Virtual Reality (VR) has become the new buzzword, the dream and now a technical veracity with a special and unique experience. It can take you to any place, make you experience its culture, nature, wander in the local streets and more, not forgetting that it can also take you to another virtual world created by the user from the comfort and convenience of your own seat and home. You can experience all this and feel this marvel with and without those devices and equipment. So no more giving excuses or convincing yourselves with phrases – quite expensive, not right now, don’t have the budget maybe later; this and more.

Virtual Reality (VR) has not only been the buzzword in the tech space off late, but also most immerging and important factor in travel industry, advertising and sales. It has given exceptional outcomes and presented a boost in sales and tourism with the biggest trend setters being Thomas Cook which witnessed 190% increase in its total revenue of New York excursions with Virtual Reality (VR) promotion and VICTORIA – British Columbia posted a 5.3% increase in international overnight visitors for 2014. The companies that have adopted Virtual Reality (VR) and seen impressive results are one of the biggest names in technology, tourism, service and games industry. A few examples are Thomas Cook – one of Europe’s largest travel companies, Marriott – the biggest names in Hotel Industry, Delta, Lufthansa and Australia’s Qantas the pioneers in airline industry, Facebook, Google, Sony, HTC, Oculus Rift, Samsung, Lexus and not to forget Vancouver, British Columbia – Destination BC which has been the first country to adopt, transform and use virtual reality to its own potential best form and use. Fasting with the pace is the Indian tourism companies like India VR Tours and Kerala Tourism who have promptly grasped and explored the space with many others presently realizing and exploring the opportunities of Virtual Reality (VR).

For your further extravagance with Virtual Reality (VR) you can get indulged in some of the Virtual Reality (VR) videos and a 360º Mumbai tour video incarcerated of the bustling metropolis nurturing millions of dreams and imagination about the city of dreams being immortalized in their work and life making it alive by just clicking on the following video link:

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