Virtual Reality in Training – Part 1/2


“A picture is a thousand words” goes the adage describing the importance of learning by seeing.

The corporate trainers are embracing technology to maximize the training outcomes. From experimenting with e-learning content to adopting computer as a major learning tool, the Learning & Development departments has already welcomed another alternate: Virtual reality.

Imagine asking a novice to fly the plane, to experience the beauty of the surroundings and dealing with his fear of crashing or managing a multi-million dollar business with little experience. Now you train your employee do both with minimal risk. How? Virtual reality!

Once dismissed as a children’s pastime, the virtual reality has found many takers. From Airbus to Navy, training new recruits with minimal loss is the new trend. The LCS stimulation adopted by the US Navy eliminates need for on the job training and even helps stimulation of submarines.


What’s more, construction firms are using technology like ConTech to make construction sites safer. Trident technologies allow for the managers to develop themselves and learn the tools of trade easily.

The hands on training program entrusts upon the trainee to retain the information and even retract without causing any serious recuperations. It proves to overcome the need for separate training manuals. This however needs time to learn at own pace therefore impacts the training time limit.


The HR pioneers are utilizing the advantages of this technology in recruitment process to aid the prospective employees to glance at the job.

Another application is rescuing trapped mine workers and training them for worst situations.

It is indeed difficult to recreate virtual reality training situations for small organizations hence despite its numerous advantages it remains out of reach for all.