Virtual Reality in Training – Part 2/2


Multiple industries across the world have already used VR to develop and train their workforce. In addition to those, there are various avenues in which VR can be used for training.

  • Automobile industry utilizes the Virtual reality services for understanding customer service. Thus, without creating a physical prototype more affordable model can be reproduced electronically.
  • NASA trains its inculcates by recreating the situations of the planets and provides behavioral therapy.
  • Stimulation is the key to military and law enforcement training programs whereby extreme situations are recreated and experimented with alternative scenarios for ensuring control.
  • In neurosurgery, the cadaver training module is now a passé with young doctors understanding the dynamic situation through use of Virtual reality gear.
  • The students can be taught concepts more easily through the realistic approach of the technology. It helps in engagement and curiosity. The result is better quality of Education with teacher acting as moderator.
  • The VR safety training methodology entails understanding and incorporating essential safety measures to the orientation program to train the staff. This can be used for aircraft crew as well to handle hijacking and medical emergencies safely.
  • The scenario based approach helps the marketing team to hone their negotiation and people skills. The virtual customer guide is understood along with simulation of situations and deriving positive customer response.
  • For the Heavy Earth industry, the precision is the key to success. Hence, inculcation of the concept of VR can help develop an efficient workforce. This training methodology also gives a walkthrough for unpleasant experience in order to make employees more receptive, for calm seas never made a good sailor.
  • Further, the managerial czars can improve their emotional intelligence, financial and people skills through this. Organizations like Walmart are reaping benefits of technology for their multi-million workforce to sustain the organization ethics and culture. This helps to uphold the best practices in customer service.

Virtual Reality promises new and exciting opportunity for industries, corporates and businesses hone the skills of their employees.