VR in 2016 – A Recap


2016 witnessed the quick elevation of VR from a novel technology to an art form. It has moved on from just being read about to now appearing in stores and at homes.

The first quarter 2016 established Virtual Reality as a reality. It took off as a phenomenon that woke people from slumber with the launch of Facebook acquired Oculus’ Rift in March, 2016.


In April 2016, HTC rolled out its headset, Vive. TechAdvisor noted it as the most immersive VR headset of 2016.


In October 2016, Sony’s PlayStation VR took the industry by a storm – it provided a great VR experience without the need for a high end PC.


Google’s Daydream was launched at the brim of the year in November which made virtual reality affordable to the curious consumers.


Netflix and HBO each launched their VR applications on the Google Play store for Android. With Netflix VR, HBO VR, NextVR, Hulu VR and Google Play Movies & TV, Daydream has suddenly become the undisputed leader of VR video.

Moves by some of the major players in the space are only adding to the anticipation. Here are the 10 big players of the Silicon Valley that are entering the VR market at the right time – Alphabet, Virtuix, GoPro, Ambarella, Apple, Avanced Micro Device, Qualcomm, Sony, NVIDIA and Facebook.

Watch out this space for Meraki’s version on the scope of Virtual Reality in 2017.