Cinematic VR

We create VR films, documentaries and other experiences for you using best cameras, equipment and people. Aerial shots, moving shots, everything is possible.


Interactive VR

We create interactive experiences where the viewer can interact with the video in various ways and improve the engagement for the clients.

Stereoscopic VR

Stereoscopic VR

We put depth into our work. We can create high quality stereoscopic 3D 360 degree VR videos for you.

Live Streaming in VR

Live Streaming in VR

We also are capable of providing high quality live 360 degree VR solutions which can be streamed at 4K resolutions.


Meraki is one of India’s first Virtual Reality film studios, where we create world-class VR experiences for brands, concerts, events, tourism, current affairs and more. We use VR in an innovative manner, to create engaging content based on your requirements, and deliver experiences for your audiences to remember. Take a look at the wide range of solutions we offer :

Advertisements for Digital Marketing in VR - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

Advertisements for Digital Marketing

After films and events - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

After films for Events & Concerts

News and Media - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

VR content for News

Interactivity VR Solutions - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

Interactivity Solutions & Apps

Sports and Adventure - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

VR content for Sports & Adventure

Travel and Tourism - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

VR films for Travel & Tourism

Walkthroughs - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

VR walk throughs – Corporates & Real Estate

Documentaries - Meraki Studio Virtual Reality India

Documentaries in VR

Experiential Marketing for Brands

In this digital age, engagement has become a key factor for brands. Meraki leverages the tools of VR for your brand to give your customers an unforgettable and engaging brand experience.

VR in Events and Concerts

A true way to engage with audiences is by providing a wholesome experience offline and online. Our VR solutions can let your audiences relive and explore the best moments of your concert or sporting event, by giving them a 360 degree after film experience.

Travel with VR

Virtual Reality is an experience that takes you to a different world. You can take advantage of this medium, and transport your customers to different destinations to get them to experience the sights and sounds of the world.

VR Documentaries

We at Meraki believe that Virtual Reality breaks the rules of traditional story telling. This applies to documentaries as well. Partner with us to give your viewers the complete picture with 360 degree documentaries and news reports, and elicit an empathetic response.

VR Real Estate Tours

Virtual Reality gives viewers a 360 degree perspective on what they hear and see. With prospective home buyers researching online for their new home, a 360 degree view of projects makes all the difference. Go that extra mile with Meraki, and create VR tours of your projects for your prospective customers to experience.